6 Tips for a Fun and Safe Halloween Everyone Can Enjoy

Halloween season, the most boo-tiful time of the year, is upon us! And while we can all agree that it’s a scary time, it’s even more terrifying for food allergy mamas! Between all the Halloween parties, festivities, and trick-or-treating, I must admit, I am one very nervous mama! As excited as I am for Vivi to partake in all the fun that comes along with Halloween, I can’t help but worry about all of the allergens that she might come in contact with. The food allergy rabbit hole is a scary place, but luckily, it’s totally possible to have a completely safe and fun Halloween. With or without food allergies, you can do your part to help make it an allergy-friendly Halloween for everyone! Here are some wicked tips and activities to keep it safe this Halloween:

  • PROVIDE NON FOOD TREATS – All of the fun minus the allergens! Target’s Dollar Spot or the Dollar Store are great one-stop-shops for fun and inexpensive goodies like glow sticks, bubbles, stickers, and stamps.
  • KEEP IT TOP 8 FREE – Check out Snack Safely’s guide of allergy-friendly Halloween treats, including our very own cookies!
  • PACK YOUR OWN SNACKS – When trick-or-treating, don’t snack on the go! Instead, pack some treats for your littles, so they have something safe to munch on whether you’re at a Halloween party or trick-or-treating for the night.
  • PAINT TEAL PUMPKINS – Get artsy and help promote safety and inclusion of those with food allergies.
  • MAKE IT PLAYFUL – Plan lots of games to keep all the kiddos active! They’ll be so busy having fun, food and candy won’t be on their mind.
  • GET WITCH-CRAFTY – Halloween isn’t complete without some spookishly decorated treats! Check out these super easy DIY cookie monsters and creatures by Lindsey Lee – just a few ingredients and of course, all top 8 free!

Keep calm and trick or treat!