Ingredient Spotlight: Sprouted Ancient Grains

Sprouted Ancient Grains

While the initial inspiration behind Partake Foods was Vivienne’s food allergies, we ultimately wanted to create a line of healthy, everyday snacks that didn’t sacrifice taste and anyone could enjoy. With allergy-friendly, clean, nutritious ingredients, we strive to create inclusive products, so that everyone can #PartakeInHealth with or without food allergies!

With our first product being cookies, the flour blend was our top priority as it would be a key component to all our products. It was important that we create a flour blend that was nutrient-packed and gluten-free, due to Vivi’s intolerance to gluten (she gets severe eczema) and my husband who has Crohn’s and avoids gluten. It was non-negotiable that our blend would be free of rice flours, gums, and stabilizers, which are actually quite common and contain concerning arsenic levels for children. I was very keen on using sprouted grains because there are several studies that reveal that sprouting increases key nutrients such a B vitamins, vitamin C, folate, fiber, and certain amino acids. More vitamins, same taste? YES! 

So we created our gluten-free flour blend using sprouted buckwheat flour, sprouted millet flour, oat flour, and cassava flour. Sprouted buckwheat flour, a handy little seed, is chock full of fiber, magnesium, copper, and manganese. Sprouted millet flour, tiny but mighty, is an excellent source of protein, fiber, and other vital nutrients. It’s also considered the least allergenic and most digestible of grains. Oat flour, a crowd favorite, is loaded with dietary fiber and healthy cholesterol-lowering properties. Cassava flour, an awesome wheat flour alternative, is allergen-free and has great digestive benefits. 

Move aside wheat flour - sprouted ancient grains are baking a change with nutritional power and we’re all aboard!