#partakeitwithyou—at Wegmans!

Allergy-Friendly Wegmans in Ithaca

What To Buy and Why We Love It (+ What You Can Win in Jan 2020!) 

Next up on the blog tour of our family of retailers is Wegmans!


If you aren’t a Wegmans super fan already, we can bet that by the end of your first grocery haul, you will be.  Dive deep into the world of Wegman-ia (see what we did there? 😉) with us to learn more about why this family-owned market is near and dear to our hearts. 

A Dedicated Allergy-Friendly Aisle

One of the reasons we were so excited to get Partake on Wegmans shelves is because of their commitment to having an amazing selection of allergy-friendly options - they even have an allergy-friendly aisle! We know first-hand how difficult it is to find quality food without worry, and Wegmans makes it easy to shop when you have dietary restrictions.

For January 2020, we’re having some fun in-store just for Wegmans shoppers. Head to the allergy-friendly aisle at Wegmans stores where Partake is currently available (Partake is in VA, NY, NJ, MD, PA and MA select-Wegmans locations. Visit our store locator to find the nearest to you). Snap a photo of our cookies and tag @partakefoods @wegmans + #partakeitwithyou. Post to your feed on Facebook and/or Instagram, and you will be entered to win a $500 gift card to Wegmans! Please visit our Terms & Conditions for more information. 

Our Top 10 Wegmans Faves

Get your shopping cart ready, and read on for more reasons to love this store!

  • Prepared Foods: With these simple and legit delicious ready-to-eat meals, weeknight dinners just got a lot easier. Some of Denise’s personal faves: fresh sushi, made-to-order sandwiches, pot pie for those cold winter nights, and lobster-stuffed mushrooms. Yum. 😋


  • The Cheese Cave: The cave is as mouth-watering as it sounds and is a total game-changer. 🧀  This Wegmans-exclusive facility mimics Europe’s famed caves where cheese is nurtured to delicious ripeness. Coupled with thoughtfully-sourced olives and antipasti, you can be the host with the most in minutes—for cheese and dairy-free eaters alike. Add the super popular ‘Professor’s Brie’ and ‘1916,’ to your next cheese plate.


  • Fresh Baked Bread: It’s the kind of bread that you buy two of—one for home and one for the drive home. The best part? The grains are made from local family farms! 🥖
Wegmans Fresh Baked Bread
  • Hummus: Wegmans has hummus in every flavor you could imagine - caramelized onion, sweet potato, spicy red lentil, lemon dill + more. Hummus is the perfect healthy, quick, and shareable appetizer. We also like it as a condiment on sandwiches! 🥙


  • Fresh Juices: Freshly squeezed and cold-pressed, Wegmans’ juices are a must-have addition to your on-the-go breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up. We love the Strawberry-Apple. 🍓


  • Gluten-Free Pasta: If chickpeas, red lentils, and black beans can be pasta, you too can be anything. 🍝 Wegmans’ generous selection of gluten-free noodles is perfect for those with wheat allergies + a way to get that extra serving of veggies into your diet!


  • Ancient Grain Blends: Filled with nutrients, protein, and antioxidants—ancient grains pack quite a healthy punch. Wegmans carries ready-to-eat + unique ancient grain blends, making stocking up on healthy pantry staples simple. Pick up Quinoa + Lentil with Roasted Tomato & Eggplant on your next grocery shopping trip. 🌾

Ancient Grains at Wegmans

  • Bone Broth: The hype is real for this body-boosting staple. 🍲  Some of the many benefits of adding bone broth to your diet include immune support, improved sleep, and joint protection. Wegmans stocks the basics, like chicken and beef, but also goes above and beyond with unique flavors like Thai Style Ginger Chicken.


  • Just Tea: Our (second) favorite morning drink. These bags have no added sugar + plenty of flavors for any occasion and every palette. ☕


  • Partake Cookies: What’s a grocery trip if you don’t walk out with cookies in your cart? 🍪 We may be partial to this particular treat, but we promise you won’t regret picking up a box (or two!). Find Birthday Cake, Double Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Chip in the Wegmans allergy-friendly aisle. #partakeitwithyou

Partake cookies at Wegmans

We’ve covered a lot of ground here—from cheese caves to cookies, Wegmans really has it all. As a reminder, head to Wegmans in January 2020 and take a photo with a box of Partake, tag @partakefoods @wegmans + #partakeitwithyou and you will be entered to win a $500 gift card for your next shopping trip to Wegmans!