5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Little Ones

5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day With Your Little Ones

April is all about spring cleaning, going green, and living an eco-friendly life. So, why not get the little ones involved? It’s never too early to celebrate everything the great outdoors has in store. If you’re stumped when it comes to new and exciting outdoor activities or different ways to keep your kids engaged, we’re here to help. We rounded up our favorite ways to spend time with our little ones all month long. 

Full Disclaimer: You might enjoy this playtime more than your kids.

  • Get Planting!
Take your kids on a shopping trip to pick up plants, seeds, and a bright new watering can. Spend the day outside planting, laughing, and teaching your little ones how sunlight, water, and a little bit of love can grow beautiful flowers. The best part: You can spend the entire month watching your backyard flourish! If you want to kick it up a notch, you can even create your own garden, with fresh veggies and herbs. 
Bonus: For our fellow city dwellers, Back to the Roots created a Kitchen Herb Garden so that you can have the joys of gardening from inside your home. 

  • Inspire Your Little Artist
If you want to celebrate the Earth—and save paper—take a wander outside to pick up rocks, leaves, and anything that could inspire a work of art. We love painting designs on rocks or creating a masterpiece with leaves.

  • DIY Hopscotch & Hangman
Once again, save the paper and bring out the chalk. With everything from hopscotch and hangman to four square, you’ll want to spend the entire day outside.

  • Feed the Birds

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that animals are a kid’s best friend. Spend your weekend setting up bird feeders in your backyard. We love watching the reaction and satisfaction kids get from taking care of the animals they see everyday.

  • DIY Dirt Cups

Move over cookie baking! If you can’t spend time outside, this is the perfect way to make dessert exciting and healthy. We love using Gimme Some Oven’s Carrot Patch “Dirt” Cups.

Helpful Hint: For the dirt, we swapped the cookies with our Double Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies, for a healthier take.