How to Throw an Allergy-Friendly Valentine's Day Party

How to Throw an Allergy-Friendly Valentine's Day Party

Love is in the air! Which means so are the nut-filled, chocolatey, baked sweets that give food allergy mamas (like me!) the scaries! Valentine’s Day, like any other holidays where food plays a major part, can be nerve wracking. Growing up, Valentine’s Day was one of my favorite holidays but now, the day just doesn’t conjure up the same warm, fuzzy feeling anymore! Instead, I go into full FDA food inspector mode. If you can relate mamas, don’t worry. With a little preparation, I’ve learned that it’s totally possible to celebrate this day without fretting and with your little lovebug fully included in all of the fun!  Get lovey dovey with your little sweethearts and other loved ones this holidays by partying it up in style - food allergy friendly style! It’s easier than you think and safe and fun for everyone to enjoy! Here are some tips on how to throw an allergy-friendly Valentine’s Day party!

Talk to other mamas!

Why not bring the whole crew in on this? Planning is much easier and fun when there are multiple people involved. I’ve found that non-food allergy moms are typically super understanding and want everyone to feel included and are up for making adjustments that allow everyone to participate.

Double (and triple) check labels!

Remember to check all the labels of store-bought treats to ensure foods are safe for your kiddos! Manufacturers often make changes in facilities or small changes in ingredients that can spell trouble if you haven’t looked beforehand. You can check this list out for Valentine’s Day candy guide from our friends at Spokin!


Write love letters - on fruits!

Instead of sugar-loaded, chocolatey treats, fruits are a healthier, allergy-friendly  alternatives! Surprise everyone with super sweet messages using edible markers and glitter!


Prepare savory, Valentine’s-themed treats to enjoy!

What better way to share the love than with comfort food? These crowd pleasing favorites have undergone a major makeover just for this celebration! Here are some of our must haves!





Have a scavenger hunt!

Write clues on paper hearts and hide them throughout your house. Don’t forget to provide the first clue to get the game started and play along as the kids try to figure out the clues! Surprise your littles with fun toys they will find in a sneaky spot! Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be centered  around candy. (See our next tip for toy ideas!)


Buy non-candy toys

You can use these for scavenger hunt or for Valentine’s Day goodie bags for your little guests. Target and Walgreens have a wide array of awesome selection of cute pencils, bubbles, stickers, sticky hands, and bouncy balls that are perfect for this occasion!


Bake treats that are allergy-friendly!

Nothing says “I love you” more than homemade baked treats! Pick one or three from this endless list of yummy treats you can make!