Self-Care Sunday

Moms are always on the go and taking care of everything – some even say moms run the world! I mean, without them, there would be no packed lunches with handwritten notes, no kissed boo-boos, no shoulders to cry on when things get tough, and most importantly - without moms, there would be no cookies! We mamas put everyone else before ourselves and will do anything to make sure our little ones are taken care of, so self-care doesn’t tend to be a term in our vocabulary – unless we are telling someone else to make sure they are taking care of themselves. What most people tend to not realize is that being a mom is stressful, especially in today’s world where there is so much happening so quickly and all at once. Stress and anxiety seem to be at an all-time high. I know I am 100% guilty of this and being a mompreneuer makes it that much more difficult to look after myself.

One of the most anxiety-inducing days of the week tends to be Sunday as the reality of the upcoming week’s to-do’s hit hard and I have a plethora of errands to run… the name “Sunday Scaries” exists for a reason! But being a part of a brand that emphasizes health, I sometimes feel like a hypocrite and that’s when I realize I need to practice what I preach – I can no longer just talk the talk, but also walk the walk. This is why we recently introduced a “Self-Care Sunday” series on Instagram stories that has forced me to carve out some time for pampering myself and make Sunday a little less scary. Initially, Sunday was the only day I dedicated to any self-care, but I’m working hard to incorporate a little self-care into every day. I want to pass on healthy habits to Vivi, so that she knows how important it is to take care of yourself and carve out some “me time”. Below are my favorite self-care activities that all supermoms can find time to do:

Go on a Date... With Yourself

Alone time is rare to come by as a mom, but it’s so important for your sanity! We tend to be so hard on ourselves, but it’s important to treat yourself like how you would treat someone you’re wooing! Go get ice cream, go to the spa, or take a yoga class – whatever it is, get out of the house and do something you enjoy for yourself!

Spend Time With Friends

While alone time is great, it is just as important to spend time with friends -without the kids and not at a PTA meeting! Preferably with a bottle of wine! It’s nice to let loose with your friends, and just laugh. I think laughter is one of the most valuable self-care strategies – and easiest to incorporate!


Exercise is one of those things we all love to hate! If I had it my way, carrying groceries all in one trip would be my workout! But as Elle Woods said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.” So as moms, and wives, we need exercise - whether it be a walk in the park, or my favorite: a ride on the Peloton!


Technology is a double-edged sword. It makes our lives so much easier and allows us all to stay connected to one another, however, it also distracts from the present. Vivi and I are currently doing a 30-day technology timeout where we have to be electronic-free any time we’re together for the next month – more to come on that! I’m not saying you have to completely unplug, but even 20 minutes a day really allows time for the mind to slow down and to focus on the present.

Get Sleep

It is hard to get enough sleep when you’re a mom. It wasn’t until after I became a mother that I truly regretted all the naps I skipped out on as a child! Getting a good night’s sleep helps one feel refreshed, think clearly, and be in a better place mentally throughout the day. Whatever is on the to-do list will still be there tomorrow, so it’s important to get rest before tackling that never-ending list. My trick is to set an alarm to go off an hour before bedtime, so I know when to start wrapping things up.

Drink Water

This seems like the easiest thing to remember to do, but it’s not! When I’m running non-stop, sometimes the whole day will go by without a sip and before I know it, my head is throbbing! Drinking water helps keep you energized, focused, controls cravings, and keeps your skin looking fresh. I’ve been carrying a 32oz reusable water bottle with me everywhere I go and it’s been a game changer!

I hope these tips inspire you to prioritize a little more self-care into your weekly routines! Take care, mamas!