Brand Spotlight: Art & Eden

While we’re all about the importance of healthy eating and what we put IN our body, it’s equally important to be mindful of what goes ON our body! We’re collaborating with art & eden to share the importance of living an all-around healthy lifestyle from the inside out. 

With food allergies often also come skin sensitivities, so we’re all about keeping our bodies safe with clean, non-toxic substances both in our food and clothing. art & eden is a women-led organic children’s clothing line that is committed to be being the best in the world by being the best for the world. Their organic cotton clothing is soft and breathable making it exceptionally comfortable and soothing for sensitive skin.

Conventional clothing materials often cause rashes due to the insecticides and pesticides used in manufacturing - and not only do these hazardous chemicals affect our skin, it also negatively impacts our immune systems, nervous systems, respiratory function, and healthy hormonal development. Organic clothing however, holds none of those harmful chemicals and is non-GMO, which not only protect those wearing the clothes, but also the water, the animals, and the millions of agricultural workers who suffer from pesticide poisoning each year. With the use of low impact dyes, sustainable materials, and organic practices, art & eden promotes a greener, safer, and all-around better planet. 

Learn more about art & eden's impact and mission here and join our giveaway! We're giving away 6 boxes of our cookies and an $80 art & eden gift card!