How We’re Helping Those in Need in Honor of Partake’s Birthday

How We’re Helping Those in Need in Honor of Partake’s Birthday

When Denise started introducing solid foods to her daughter, Vivi, it became clear she had several food allergies. After she couldn’t find the quality foods she wanted on the grocery store shelves, Denise decided to make her own allergy-friendly, healthy snacks from scratch. It was hard work, but she refused to give up or give in and Partake Foods was born. 

What started as a small cookie brand whose sole source of distribution was Denise's car is now available in 2000+ stores across the country. The outpouring of support over the years and most recently has been overwhelming. And as we grow, we’re committed to helping those in need. 

Affordability issues of allergy-friendly foods are exacerbated for low-income families with food allergies. An estimated 10 to 15% of financially-challenged children have one or more confirmed food allergies. Current WIC food packages and the emergency food system are not designed to address their needs.

In that spirit, 10% of all June sales on will go to the amazing efforts of Food Equality Initiative to help food-insecure families with food allergies have access to the food, education, and advocacy they need and deserve.

$5 provides three allergy-friendly meals to families in need through Food Equality Initiative. Our community has already shown up for Partake this month, and we will be able to provide 1500+ meals! 

We're looking forward to many more years of success for Partake Foods so we can continue to champion and support the work that Food Equality Initiative does for those who are food insecure and experience food allergies.