Three Black Female Founders Share Their Self-Care Routines

Self-care is once again a buzzword as families across the country struggle to balance work, childcare, and family life. As the lines between our family life and careers blur as we stay close to home, it can make taking time for yourself even harder than it was in years past. 

But for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, those lines have long been blurred. Entrepreneurs are known for their long hours dedicating themselves to their visions - which is why they're the perfect people to ask about self-care. Read on to find out how three Black women founders manage their own self-care, from meditation and a cup of tea to an indulgent (and quiet) bath. 


Denise Woodard, Founder of Partake Foods

As the founder of Partake Foods and mom to 5 year old Vivienne, Denise is constantly juggling a rapidly growing business and family life. Keep reading as she shares how she cares for herself mentally, physically, and emotionally.

What does self-care mean to you?

I think of self-care as a holistic routine of caring for myself from a mental, physical, and emotional perspective. It's not always about things I'm adding to my routine, but often about things that don't serve me that I'm removing from my routine.

What are your favorite ways that you engage in self-care?

Mentally, it's meditation - I practice meditation daily. I'm a fan of Transcendental Meditation and also use the Breethe app.

Physically, it's getting outside for a daily walk or into a pilates class (even a virtual one does the trick!)

Emotionally, it's spending time with my friends and family and saying no when something doesn't make me feel good.

How do you make time for yourself when juggling your family and business?

It's hard, and I often have to remind myself by writing the items I listed into my schedule, so they get the same priority as my work schedule!  


Emily Brown, Founder of Food Equality Initiative

Emily is the founder of Food Equality Initiative (FEI), a charitable organization working to increase access to allergy-friendly and gluten-free foods to individuals who need them the most.  She started FEI after her daughter experienced food allergies and she realized how expensive allergy-friendly food can be. Below, Emily shares what self-care means to her and how she takes time for herself. 

What does self-care mean to you?

For me, self-care is the act of extending yourself the love and grace that you extend to others. Making time to intentionally maintain your mental, physical, and spiritual health. 

What are your favorite ways to engage in self-care?

With a busy schedule, it is the little acts of self-care that keep me going. It can simply be a cup of my favorite tea, a good book, or taking a walk with the dog. Especially now, with all of the demands on working moms as the school year approaches, I am trying to focus on one small intentional act each day.

Samotria Holmes, CEO of Holmes Sweet Home

Holmes Sweet Home is a confectionary company that creates sweets using whole ingredients that deliver exceptional flavor and pure taste. Samotria started Holmes Sweet Home after years working in sales for Fortune 1000 companies, she left to pursue her dream of creating sweets. 

What does self-care mean to you?

Self-care is anything that pours energy and love into my experience.  My love language is gifts, so I live by the mantra, "Treat Yo' Self". 

What are your favorite ways to engage in self-care?

I indulge in luxe bath products so that I can pretend I'm on vacation at the start and end of my day. I enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks instead of scrolling my phone during the first and last hour of my day. And I recently amplified my makeup skills because post-COVID-19 me will know how to rock fake lashes...just saying!


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