#FoodfortheSoul Feature - Brooklynne Palmer

Brooklynne Palmer @beetsbybrooke



I am a vegan medical student and content creator who aims to share my love of combining inclusive nutrition and medicine with others. I am passionate about bringing education and accessible healthcare to others in hopes of empowering them to live a fulfilled life for themselves and their loved ones.


How does it feel to be a Black creator?

Being a Black creator and future doctor makes me feel proud and excited while simultaneously feeling like there's a spotlight on me with higher expectations than my peers.


What has brought you joy this year?

Making time for nature brings me joy. Getting a chance to break away from technology and everyone's endless opinions is a chance to think clearly and connect with loved ones and the earth.


My Black joy is       ?



What does Black joy mean to you?

Black joy means resilience, pride, and gratitude. It means owning our dynamic nature and finding the beauty in our experiences. It also means accepting that joy can coexist with recognizing privileges we may not have.


       feeds my soul.



How does togetherness feed your soul?

Togetherness brings me joy because all emotions, good or bad, are better when you know there's a support system that has your back. Knowing I'm not alone is a joy unlike anything else.


How have you stayed motivated to overcome challenges?

I motivated by remembering my end goals and by knowing that expecting good things for myself will keep me in a mindset ready to accept those things. Overcoming challenges requires me to be humble and reach out for help and guidance when needed.


Do you have a special take on a favorite comfort food?

I'm a huge fan of spicy and sweet combinations and incorporate them in nearly all of my favorite meals. Whether that's pineapple and jalapeños on pizza or sweet potatoes in a spicy chili with mac-n-cheese on the side!


Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from the injustices I witness - it grows my passion and strengthens my determination to help others.

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