Denise and Vivi's 2020 Summer Bucket List

Summer fun looks a little bit different in 2020. While water parks, summer camps, and firework festivals are closed and canceled, there’s still a lot of opportunity for family fun.

If you’re needing a little inspiration to get your family away from screens and into the moment, Denise and her daughter, Vivi, have created a 2020 Summer Bucket List of activities to safely enjoy together.

Pick Fruit at a Local Farm

While the growing seasons vary depending on where you live, many strawberry, blackberry, and other fruit patches are open across the country. This is an outdoor activity where there’s plenty of space to enjoy yourselves as you work together finding the perfect, sweet fruits to bring home. When you’re deciding on what to do with your finds, this may lead you to the next activity.

Plan a Picnic

Need a change of scenery from your dining room table? Pack up your lunch, grab a blanket (and perhaps, a frisbee), and head out for a picnic. Enjoy your meal in the fresh air and have some fun running around while you’re there. 

Lots of Baking

Baking is the perfect activity to do with your children as they can actively participate in making delicious foods that everyone can eat! Without needing to chop or saute, kids can safely add ingredients and feel the satisfaction of contributing. If you use those freshly picked fruits from your local farm, they get a firsthand account of what “farm to table” really looks like. On our list to bake? This Coconut Cream Strawberry Tart from Love and Lemons. 

Fly a Kite

For kids, there’s something magical about watching a brilliantly-colored kite ascend into the air while controlling how it moves on the ground. There’s a reason this “toy” remains timeless and an activity that is enjoyed by all ages. Pick a spot in a spacious field and start flying.


Make Lemonade 

When you have lemons, you make lemonade, right? Just like with our time in quarantine, we're making the best of it by making yummy lemonade. This fun activity is yummy too. Vivi loves to help squeeze the lemons, we sweeten with agave, and throw in any fruit that's about to go bad. Our favorite lemonade additions are strawberry and mango.  

Explore the Outdoors on a Hike

There’s nothing like getting some fresh air and exercise for both parents and kids, and a family hike gets this done with the woods as your beautiful, natural backdrop. The best part is that a nature hike presents an opportunity to explore botany and wildlife in its element. The more kids get outdoors, the more they will appreciate the environment as adults.

Make Ice Cream from Scratch

The best sweet treat in the summer is ice cream! An ice cream maker will help you work together to create this cool treat. You can make a list of flavors to try over the summer, experimenting with yummy combinations like mint chip, honey lavender, and almond butter and banana. We'll be making this double chocolate chip cookies and “nice” cream

Enjoy a Drive-in Movie

While movie theatres remain closed, a drive-in movie lets you enjoy a film from the safety of your own vehicle. We'll be heading to A Night At the Drive-In with Amazon, where they're screening multicultural stories in film curated by Michael B. Jordan.

Visit Your Favorite Farmers Market 

Taking a trip to your local market is a safe way to get the freshest produce with the safety of shopping outdoors. Not only are you getting your family out of the house, but you’ll also be supporting local farms.

Despite everything, good times are still to be had by all this summer! With gratitude for your health and safety, dive into these activities, and enjoy these precious moments with your family.


Sounds like a plan! Have so much fun!

Alison M Sirak on July 07, 2020

Great ideas. I’m passing this information along to my family across the Bay and friends.
By the way, family and friends are enjoying the cookies. I didn’t realize that I had ordered so many, but from the way everyone is devouring them, it’s a good thing that I did.

Juanita Robertson on July 07, 2020

What a great idea! I love that you are making the most of our Midwest summers that always seem to go by so fast. Good for you guys for savoring all the summer tastes this year, especially.

Susan Bratta on July 07, 2020

Hi Denise! Vivi is a cutie! I know Jeremy from Toigo and I’m so excited about how this business has grown! I have ordered from you (and they came quickly!), purchased your cookies in Target (they need to keep more varieties in stock, they seem to sell out quickly) and just recently sent a photo of the box to my mom in Sacramento so that she can find them at Target! I’ll also order and send to her but she wanted to try them yesterday! Blessings to you and your family and continued best wishes…and THANKS!

I’m ordering more today, since I can only shop from Black Businesses on this day.

Angel Stewart

Angel Stewart on July 07, 2020

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