#FoodfortheSoul Feature - Gabrielle Reyes

#FoodfortheSoul Feature - Gabrielle Reyes



Gabrielle Reyes here! I am an award-winning singer, actress, chef, cookbook author, TV host, and I tour the world + live-stream everyday teaching how to create my musical meals. I'm blessed to get to share my favorite plant-based, gluten-free, and flavor-full recipes + tips to create vibrant dishes through music and songs with billions of hungry humans, helping them heal their bodies and feed their souls! I currently host The Colorful Home Cooking Show where I combine my plant-based culinary expertise with my passion for musical performance to create entertaining + educational content featuring catchy recipe videos, easy kitchen guidance, mental + physical and mental health coaching, and of course, mouthwatering meals.


How does it feel to be a Black creator?

As a vegan chef of color creating recipe content every day it feels like a bountiful blessing! With each recipe that celebrates the earth’s bounty of plants, I get to help people from all over the world learn about my culture, and the similarities we all share as gifted souls that inhabit the earth, going through the same steps we all know that makes us sentient beings created to pour love back into the planet that we call home.


What has brought you joy this year?

In 2020 I refused to allow the setbacks of my surroundings take me down. Instead, I stepped into my power and learned my worth. In 2021 we are getting it done and taking on the next level of our dreams with focused passion.


My Black joy is       ?



What does Black joy mean to you?

Black joy means that we have not only survived but that we have thrived. From the moment the first humans sparked imagination, intrigue, and passion, that was Black joy! Black joy comes from a long lineage of souls that kept saying yes to whatever came their way and because they thrived they made us the beings we are today.


       feeds my soul.



How does togetherness feed your soul?

When we come together as a world and understand the power of truth, trust, and patience then there will be a true understanding of equality. Togetherness is the power to comprehend your unique spirit and soul and know that you are part of a world that loves you when you pour love back into the world.


How have you stayed motivated to overcome challenges?

Whenever I get stressed, upset, or hurt I focus on my path and go back to my truth: I am who I am. I have every right to be here. And I have nothing to prove.


Do you have a special take on a favorite comfort food?

My style of colorful comfort food focused on the scrumptious power to flavortastic plants manipulated with seasoning, spices, and everything nice to make every bite a true soul-food experience.


Where do you draw inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from my Haitian, Puerto Rican culture as well as from the sensational American-Caribbean fusion food I ate growing up. My music comes from the songs in my soul and my husband’s epic beatboxing.

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