National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrates the history, culture and contributions made by the Latinx and Hispanic communities in the United States. Among those contributions are delicious, high-quality food products made with ingredients you can feel good about eating. (You know that’s a priority here at Partake!) 

While there are many Hispanic founders with fantastic products, we’ve compiled a shortlist featuring five standout brands offering quality food and drink that’s safe to enjoy by most people with allergies.



For the family business Siete Foods, what started as almond-flour tortillas in their family kitchen grew into a product line of grain-and-dairy free products found in over 13,000 grocery stores. The company’s Co-Founder and President, Veronica Garza, suffered from autoimmune conditions that were fixed by switching to a low-inflammation, grain-free diet that the whole family of seven (siete) embraced and grew into a flourishing business.


Brazi Bites

Junea Rocha was also featured in our Spot Us At Target showcase as one of our favorite Target brands! Her Brazi Bites are inspired by her family’s recipe of Pão de Queijo which is a light, fluffy, cheesy bread found in just about every Brazilian freezer. We especially love this product because it is made with simple, naturally gluten-free ingredients.


Yola Mezcal

Using ripe, organic agave from the Oaxacan estate of Yola Jimenez, Yola Mezcal produces this artisanal mezcal using her grandfather’s recipe. There’s a lot to love about the company aside from the taste of the mezcal. Her production facility uses hand-bottling with a staff made entirely of women who are provided with direct pay and childcare. The facility is also sustainable using low wood distilling, solar power, rainwater catchment systems, and the company also supports local reforestation funds.



The founders of Loisa believe that Latin food products had been “held hostage” by artificial ingredients, fillers & MSG for too long, and so came up with an organic alternative that started with sazon y adobo and has since expanded to include brown rice & quinoa with sazon, and brown rice & black beans with sazon. These products are all non-GMO and gluten-free. The founders are long-time college friends who come from mixed cultural backgrounds – Kenny Luna is Dominican / Peruvian American, and Scott Hattis does not have a Latin background himself, but married into a Dominican family.


Twisted for Sugar Cotton Candy

We love the story of Twisted for Sugar founder Lucia Rios who took the sweet flavors of her childhood in Mexico and created a line of cotton candy that specifically caters to the Latinx community. Flavors include horchata, Mexican hot coco, mazapan, mango with chamoy and chili, watermelon and chili, and the fan-favorite flamin’ hot chip! 

If you want to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month with something scrumptious, there are many places to turn. Whether it’s for your entree, a snack, a sweet treat or a cocktail – you can choose any of these brands and you will not be disappointed. 

Feature Image by Loisa


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