Holiday Guide Gift For Everyone On Your List #2018

Meet us in the cookie aisle this holiday season! Because let’s be real, we do most of our holiday shopping in the cookie aisle - who doesn’t love cookies right?! But the more presents, the merrier! So with some help from a few of our favorite bloggers, we put together a holiday gift guide to help make holiday shopping a little bit easier! With only 10 days left until Christmas, it’s going to be a mad dash to find gifts for everyone on our list, but this guide is all we need!


Moms know best and they definitely deserve the best! Nicole Dawson is the mama behind Allergylicious, and she definitely knows what moms want this holiday season!

  • Milk Frother - Mama needs coffee and mama needs a milk frother because it's a game changer! It turns that plain morning cup of coffee into a sweet homemade latte that takes seconds to make! So easy to use and affordable!
  • Phone Screen Protector - A must have when you have kids to protect your phone from the countless drops and scratches! The Zagg InvisibleShied is a favorite and it has a lifetime warranty!
  • Spa Day - Moms rarely get time to pamper themselves, so treat them to a spa day free of kids!


Hallie is the recipe creator behind Spinach Daddy - she whips up meals and treats that are totally droolworthy, so she knows what would be loved in the kitchen!

  • Cast Iron Cookware - A cast iron skillet is the holy grail of cookware! They last forever and so versatile - what else allows you to perfectly sear meats AND bake a pizookie?! 
  • Apron - A quality apron is essential to every home cook's wardrobe. And a Hedley and Bennet apron is THE apron to have! Their aprons are handcrafted and made to withstand all the kitchen maddness!
  • Recipe Book - New cookbooks are always welcome in the kitchen! The Short Stack Editions small-format cookbooks are great for any home cook from seasoned chefs to beginners. Each edition is a collectible, single-subject booklet each featuring recipes focused on a staple ingredient


    Health and wellness is at the top of everyone's list come the new year! And then there's those who maintain a healthy lifestyle year round! Whichever kind of health nut you have on your list, these picks from Melissa, the wellness coach behind Melissa Wood Health is sure to inspire healthy habits!

    • Blender - A blender than does it all is everything! The Vitamix 5200 is a power horse and makes so much more than just smoothies, including soups, nut butter, alternative milks, sauces, an dips! Makes healthy eating so much easier and yummier!
    • Juicer - The best way to eat your veggies is to juice them! The Breville Juice Fountain juices even the toughest fruits and veggies. The possibilities are endless and no fruit or veggie gets left behind!
    • Workout Subscription - It can be hard to get in the gym. Home workouts are just as good at breaking a sweat, but with the perks of staying in the comfort of your own space and someone to coach you through each exercise. Melissa’s workouts are great for any level and totally #fitnessgoals!


    Living with food allergies can tough, especially during the holidays! Naomi, the food allergy mama behind @naomi_etcetera shares a few things that help make food allergies a little more manageable and enjoyable for everyone!

    • Insulated Backpack - Auto-injectors and medications are on-the-go necessities, so it’s important to keep them safely stored at all times! The Petunia Pickle Bottom Axis Backpack has an insulated base that’s perfect for storing medications and keeping them temperature controlled, especially on hot days!
    • Bread Machine - It’s no easy feat making bread from scratch at home. Gluten-free and vegan bread from scratch - that sounds almost impossible! The Zojirushi Breadmaker is so easy to use and it has gluten-free and vegan settings too!
    • Kids’ Books - Books are a great way for kids to understand food allergies! Whether or not they have any, it helps raise awareness and educate everyone about food allergies!


    For everyone else, our founder Denise, shares her holiday gift favorites that anyone would love!

    • Plants - Plants make people happy and they last longer than the holiday season! Love The Sill has a beautiful collection of potted plants and they deliver, so it’s perfect for all your long distance friends and family!
    • DNA Genetic Testing Kit - A fun way to learn more about yourself and your family! 23 and Me also looks into your genetic health risks and wellness factors that are genetically influenced.
    • Cookies - Our cookies are free of the top 14 allergens, so they’re safe and delicious for anyone to enjoy! Guilt-free and worry-free treats to make the holidays sweeter!

    Happy Holidays!


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