Holiday Travel, Minus the Stress: Partake’s Tips

Holiday Travel, Minus the Stress: Partake’s Tips

With the holiday season fast-approaching, there’s so much to look forward to. Holiday baking, gift-giving, and advent calendars galore! Along with so much excitement can also come stress—especially if you’re traveling this time of year. It feels a lot like Home Alone when they’re running through the airport to catch their flight. 😫 

Whether you’re off to visit old friends, catching a flight to a new, far-away place, or going on your annual family trip, seasonal travel can be overwhelming. We know this all too well, so we’ve curated a list of tips to make your travels a piece of Birthday Cake. No matter where you’re going, how you’re getting there, or who you’re going with, here’s a handy guide for a well-prepared and happy holiday travel season! 

Before Heading Out 


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Manage your Mindset

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It’s inevitable—things may not go as planned. If that’s the case, just roll with it. It’s 100% okay, and expected! If you’re armed with this mindset before your trip, you won’t be disappointed by the small mishaps and it’ll make the trek that much smoother. Also, chances are everyone around you is stressed, so you’re not alone! 

Prep a Playlist

Nothing sets the mood like some tunes. If you’re traveling with a group, keep the vibes up with a playlist everyone can add to and sing-along together. Throw in some holiday favorites or songs that help you stay calm. When in doubt, always add Beyoncé to the mix. 💃🏾 

On the Way


Snacks, Snacks, Snacks!

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While you’re on your way, snacks are essential to have on hand. Our new snack packs are a great companion for a mid-trip, pick-me-up and safe to share with travel buddies! Available in 5 delicious flavors, these grab-and-go treats are already portioned into a single serving. Some of our other favorite snacks to bring in the bag: dried fruits, chocolate, popcorn, and sunflower seeds!

Partake snack packs for allergy-friendly and travel-friendly holiday trips.

Have Activities Planned

Traveling by plane, train, or car comes with some serious extra time on your hands. Start a new book or catch up on podcasts—just make sure to download episodes beforehand if you’ll have to go airplane mode. If kiddos are also en route, pack an activity bag with games, art supplies, and fun gadgets to keep them busy. 

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Books we're currently reading: Normal People by Sally Rooney & Dear Girls by Ali Wong. 

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Clark Griswold

When You Arrive


Factor in Time for You

You’ve gotten through the prep and travel, now it’s time to relax a bit! Let’s be real—it’s hard to fully enjoy the delicious meals and incredible sights if you’re exhausted. Carve out brief moments of time for you, when you can. Go offline before heading to bed or linger a few extra moments in the shower. Self-care is always fair, and we need it! 

Remember Why You Traveled Here

Express gratitude for the journey and allow yourself to be present. Remember your intentions for this trip, whether it’s to mentally recharge yourself or spend quality time with your loved ones. You deserve it! 

Partake family wishes you safe and stress-free holiday travel with your loved ones.


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