#FoodfortheSoul Feature - Jasmine Blocker

jasmine blocker



My name is Jasmine Blocker. I'm a professional track and field athlete for Team USA. Health of mind, body and soul is what matters most to me.


How does it feel to be a Black creator?

Being a Black athlete can be challenging at times. But overall there is a great sense of community that both motivates and affirms.


What has brought you joy this year?

Finding new ways to be passionate about fitness through personal training :)


My Black joy is       ?



What does Black joy mean to you?

Black joy isn't just about being happy, it's an integral part of who I am! It is a link to my ancestors and community that motivates me to celebrate life no matter the circumstance.


       feeds my soul.



How does togetherness feed your soul?

Togetherness brings us joy because it shows that we are not alone. Any battles that we need to fight through we know we always have each other. When any of us are sad we are always able to make each other instantly laugh.


How have you stayed motivated to overcome challenges?

I actually think it's the challenges that motivate me! Challenging situations usually force me out of my comfort zone-- and that's where something truly amazing and unexpected can happen.


Do you have a special take on a favorite comfort food?

I lived in New Orleans for a few years and Creole seasoning is now my secret ingredient for everything from gumbo to fried chicken ;)


Where do you draw inspiration from?

The people closest to me inspire me the most! My family and friends are my greatest inspiration.

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