Lemon Flavored Staff Picks

Lemon Flavored Staff Picks

With the launch of our new Soft Baked Lemon Cookies, citrusy sweet lemons have been top of mind here at Partake HQ. We can’t get enough LEMON—both the scent and the flavor have us hooked. The thought of lemon always brightens up these cold winter days and conjures a taste of spring. Although our Soft Baked Lemon Cookies are at the top of our shopping lists, here are a few of the Partake team’s favorite lemon products that add a bit of sunshine to our everyday.

Olipop Sparkling Tonic, Ginger Lemon | Buehler's

One of my favorite lemon products is Olipop’s Ginger Lemon Sparkling Tonic. It has a really nice refreshing flavor that pairs perfectly with our new Soft Baked Lemon cookie. These two together are the perfect spring/summer midday pick me up! - Kaitlyn, Digital & Content Coordinator

Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena Hand Soap

Mrs Meyer's Lemon Verbena Hand Soap - Love this product in my kitchen! The light citrus scent smells bright and clean, and I love that Mrs. Meyer’s is a female-founded company, inspired by the original Mrs. Meyer, a mom of 9! - Denise Woodard, CEO & Founder of Partake Foods 

Infused Lemon -- 16.9 fl oz | 24 Pack

Just Water, Infused Lemon - I consider myself somewhat of a foodie. Nothing compliments the taste of a sweet lemon treat like a bottle (or should I say carton) of water with a hint of LEMON! The water itself is mountain-sourced and the carton is plant based. Need I say more. - Jade, Content Manager

Brightland Lemon Olive Oil

LUCID 100% Lemon Olive Oil from Brightland - I love this bright and zesty olive oil to jazz up my salads and veggies. Like us, Brightland is meticulous when it comes to choosing ingredients, and you can taste that commitment in this olive oil. A staple in my kitchen! - Nicole, Operations Manager

Plain ole lemon juice! I love adding lemon juice to the meals that I cook. On fish, or on vegetables, or - let’s be honest - in a cocktail, I love the flavor and zest that it adds to anything. I always have fresh lemons on hand to add to any meal that needs a little pick me up. - Melissa, Director of Finance

Me & the Bees Classic Lemonade- I consider myself a lemonade enthusiast and have tried tons of brands, but this one is special!  It's not too sweet and so refreshing on a hot day. This lemonade is made with real honey and part of the proceeds go to bee conservation. The company was founded by a young, female entrepreneur who continues to grow her business. It tastes good and feels good to support. - Abena, Director of eCommerce

Sugar Lemon Hydrating Lip Balm

Because of my hectic schedule, I love anything that helps me get my self-care in where I can fit it—especially with little to no effort on my part. And that's why Fresh's Lemon Sugar Hydrating Lip Balm is one of my favorite products at the moment! I can do my entire nighttime skin and lip care routine, put it on as the final step, and sleep peacefully knowing it is doing its job of hydrating and moisturizing while I sleep. And it's a bonus that the scent is just so yummy and refreshing. I can't wait to add our new Soft Baked Lemon Cookies into my nightly routine. - Briea, Customer Service & Community Manager

Fresh Lemon

I love to cook, and am always “cheffing up” something new in the kitchen. I love the DW Home Fresh Lemon Candle to always bring a light and airy scent into my kitchen after cooking! It smells nice, clean, and is the perfect house aroma. - Tanya, Brand Associate 

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