March 2018 Favorites #FridayFaves

March was National Nutrition Month, but we're all about packing in the nutrients every day! It's so important to nourish your body from the inside out, so we make sure to load up on healthy proteins, veggies, fruits and natural supplements to give us that extra boost!

  1. SmartyPants Vitamins - The Women's Complete is a total multitasker and and fulfills most of my vitamin needs. My body actually can't process folic acid due to the MTHF mutation and this vitamin uses methylfolate, which my body can process! Also love that they're sweet, so it's like a little daily indulgence. AND for every bottle purchased, they make a nutrient grant to the non-profit Vitamin Angels!

  2. Corganic Probiotics - Created as a “game changer” for “the sensitive of the sensitive”, this probiotic is perfect for those with extremely fragile digestive tracts. This hypoallergenic formula is designed to kick start the digestive system and aid in maximizing the absorption of nutrients, while supporting the entire immune system. These products are also corn-free, which are SO hard to find, so they're safe for Vivi!

  3. Flaxseeds - Packed with omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and essential nutrients! It's a true superfood and so easy to incorporate into our meals. Coat chicken breasts and baked to make chicken nuggets or mix with warm water to use as an egg substitute!

  4. Kimchi - So delicious and so good for the gut! Fermented foods are full of healthy bacteria and extremely valuable to your digestive tract. My mom keeps our fridge stocked with her homemade kimchi, but Mother In Law's and Mama O's are also great!

  5. MegaFood Blood Builder - I was anemic when I was pregnant with Vivi and suffer from super fatigue when I don't get enough iron, which is not good when you're a full-time working mama! This meets my needs for B12, Iron & Folate and most importantly, made from whole food ingredients - not the gross synthetic stuff!

  6. Rainbow Light Enzymes - Amazing for nutrient absorption, digestion, and any digestive discomfort! These lend a helping hand to my digestive system and keeps everything running smoothly!

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