Pancakes the Partake HQ Way

Pancakes the Partake HQ Way

Since their launch January 2022, our Pancake & Waffle Mixes have been in constant rotation in our kitchens. We can say with confidence that these breakfast mixes really do it all—from pie crust to banana bread, there are various recipes you can explore. However, we have to admit, we love a classic here at Partake HQ. Just ask our CEO and founder, Denise, who whips up a stack of our pancakes every morning for her daughter, Vivi.

Liking the classics doesn’t mean we don’t love topping our pancakes to keep things interesting. We polled the Partake team to discover the pancake toppings that take their stack of pancakes to the next level.  


“There’s nothing like the classic pancake stack with a handful of berries, dare I say no syrup needed! I love the combination of the refreshing berries and fluffy pancakes.” - Denise, Founder & CEO

“My favorite pancake toppings are fresh blueberries and lemon zest. The tart yet sweet blueberries + hint citrus makes me feel like I am getting the best of both worlds,  sweet and fluffy pancakes + my favorite fruit!” - Jade, Content Manager

“My favorite pancake toppings are fresh strawberries with a bit of whipped cream and syrup, of course! I also love adding chocolate chips into my pancakes if I have them on hand. Who doesn't love chocolate and strawberries? It's definitely one of my favorite flavor combos!” - Kaitlyn, Digital & Content Coordinator

“I love my pancakes with fresh berries - no syrup needed! The fresh berries bring the perfect amount of sweetness and fruity flavor that I crave in the morning.” - Maureen, Director of Food Service & Alternative Channels

“My favorite pancake toppings are chocolate chips, whip cream and syrup. You can’t go wrong with the classics!” - Devon, Key Account Manager

“My favorite waffle topping is fried chicken & syrup! Crispy, salty fried chicken plus all the yummy sweetness from the syrup.” - Melissa, Director of Finance

“There’s only one way we do pancakes at my house, caramelized bananas all the way. No competition.” - Nicole, Commercialization Manager

“I love maple syrup, bananas, cinnamon and strawberries! All of these ingredients create the perfect flavor profile for breakfast.” -Tanya, Brand Associate

“My favorite pancake toppings are bananas! They add a subtle sweet flavor and the texture combo is unreal. Definitely a slept on combination!” - Briea, Customer Service & Community Manager

“Peanut butter & syrup! I’m obsessed with all things peanut butter, so of course I need to have it on my pancakes.” - Marlo, Vice President of Sales

“Maple syrup or almond butter! I love minimal pancake toppings because they really let the pancake flavor shine.” - Jenn, Director of Supply Chain

“Butter, syrup and mandatory crispy edges made in a well-buttered cast iron skillet.” - Laura, Vice President of Marketing

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