Partake Team's Favorite Products

Partake Team's Favorite Products

Here at Partake HQ, we are excited to start the new year off with a new look and new offerings. But some things at Partake NEVER change, excellent flavors and high-quality ingredients. Here are a few of the team’s favorite Partake cookies, baking mixes, and breakfast mixes.

Partake's Pizza Crust Baking Mix

Our Pizza Crust Baking Mix has become a staple in my pantry since the moment it dropped. As a New Yorker, I was excited to make every pizza combination known to man. Quickly after, I realized this chewy yet crunchy mix is versatile, making garlic knots, cinnamon sticks, and even a chicken pot pie! Who would’ve known our newest edition to our baking mix would’ve stolen my heart? - Jade, Content Manager 

Since our Pizza Crust Baking Mix launched in 2021, it has been in consistent rotation in my kitchen. I have zero dietary restrictions, but I love our Pizza Crust. I can enjoy pizza and still feel good about what I’m putting into my body. I also love that I can have pizza nights with both my roommates—one is vegan and one is gluten-free.  - Kaitlyn, Digital & Content Coordinator

Partake Vegan Brownie Baking Mix

Our brownie mix launched at the beginning of 2021, and it's been my favorite Partake product ever since! I'm a big cook, but not so much into baking. When I have people over, I put these into the oven as we sit down to eat, and dessert is taken care of. My method is foolproof and delivers. Every. Single. Time. - Nicole, Operations Manager

"Never thought I'd be a convert to vegan brownies but our mix has truly won me over. SO easy to make (just impossible to stop eating), this mix has made fresh brownies a weekly treat in our house. I am so confident that everyone will love these that I give out bags as gifts to all my family and friends for birthdays!" - Marlo, VP of Sales

Partake Crunchy Ginger Snap Cookies

The Crunchy Ginger Snap is my favorite! When I was a kid, after school, I would sit down with my mom and tell her every excruciating detail about my day with some ginger snaps that I dunked in milk and she dunked in coffee! Now that I have egg and dairy allergies, dipping my Partake Ginger Snaps into a plant-based milk takes me back to those precious afternoons when my biggest worry was how I did on my spelling test and what mom was making for dinner. Melissa, Director of Finance 

Partake Crunchy Birthday Cake Cookies

Partake’s Crunchy Birthday Cake cookies are my absolute favorite. I normally *try* to avoid sugary snacks, but these have the right amount of crunch + sweetness and are the perfect midday snack, especially during busy workdays. There’s always a reason to celebrate, and these sweet treats constantly remind me to find joy in the ordinary and that I deserve a treat every day. Ijeoma, Brand Manager

Partake Soft Baked Chocolate Peppermint

Anyone who knows me knows I am a bonafide crunchy cookie fan through and through, but our Soft Baked Chocolate Peppermint cookies had me in a chokehold this holiday season. The rich chocolate and refreshing mint flavor is delicious, with just the right amount of sweetness so I didn't feel guilty indulging. Plus, I had fun pairing them with all of my go-to holiday drink creations, like mocha and matcha tea lattes. These delights made me a soft-baked believer, and my cravings will never be the same. - Briea, Customer Service & Community Manager

Partake Classic Pancake & Waffle Mix

Our Classic Pancake & Waffle Mix makes an appearance at my house every single morning. The just add water pancakes are a hit with my whole family and are easy and fast enough to make on a busy weekday morning. Denise, Founder/CEO

Partake Blondie Baking Mix

Our Blondie Baking Mix has become a staple in my dessert lineup! Growing up, my sister and I used to share blondies at the local bookstore cafe every time we went. Now that I’m dairy-free, this dessert has brought back so many childhood memories! I get to enjoy the same treats I’ve always loved. I make these for EVERYONE, and they really are so simple to prepare. I’ve had so many friends & family shocked when I tell them they’re vegan! Truly so moist, flavorful, and perfect for a dessert or just a mid-afternoon snack. - Tanya, Brand Associate
Partake Crunchy Double Chocolate

My Partake bestie is an oldie but a goodie—Crunchy Double Chocolate cookies. I love the perfect crunch and pure chocolate flavor layered with just the right amount of sweetness.  When you bite down into this cookie, you can taste and feel the chocolate chips. I enjoy crumbling them on top of ice cream, adding them to layers in a dessert jar, and making them into a pie crust. Their cousin, Soft Baked Double Chocolate, is also a real winner for those who prefer a softer, fudgy cookie. - Laura Gross, VP of Marketing

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