Watch Partake on Today Show's "She Made It"

Watch Partake on Today Show's "She Made It"

TODAY contributor Jill Martin highlights two female-founded small businesses in her segment "She Made It." Watch at the 2 minute mark as Denise Woodard, founder & CEO, shares the inspiration behind starting and building Partake. 

Jill Martin says "I can tell you they're delicious. Full disclosure I can't show you close ups of all the cookies because I got these 2 weeks ago and we ate them! That goes to show you—the chocolate chip cookies aren't here because we ate them."

From the video:

"On my daughter Vivienne's 1st birthday, she was having a little snack when her lips swelled up and she turned blue.

We rushed her to the hospital and learned she has a number of severe food allergies.

I did some research and found out first hand just how difficult it is to food shop for someone with allergies.  

So in 2017, I quit my job and started Partake, a line of allergy-friendly, gluten-free and vegan snacks.

What started as selling cookies from my car has turned into a growing business, sold in thousands of retail stores across the country including Target

I want, more than anything, for people living with food allergies to see our brand, take a sigh of relief and know that they'll be able to enjoy a cookie that's both safe and delicious."

- Denise Woodard
CEO and founder, Partake Foods

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Hi Denise,
Congratulations! You made it! With a lot of hard work, passion and drive. You have inspired me to finally take action.
I worked in the grocery retail business for most of my life. I have a good concept of how a store operates on a corporate level. However, as a one woman team ( to start with) I have much to learn.
Are there resources that you can suggest that were helpful to you in just starting out? Just as you are doing, my passion is in helping others and making their lifes easier.
I know you are extremely busy, but any tips you can share would be most helpful. And with everything I do, I try to always pay it forward.
Thank you Denise!
You are our Inspiration.
My very best,
D. K. Frier

Debra Frier

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