What the Partake Team is Most Grateful for During This Season of Thanks


Thanksgiving offers us a moment to press “pause” on the business and busy-ness in our schedules and focus on gratitude. Whatever it is in your life that you are thankful for – relationships with loved ones, your health and abundance (material, spiritual, or however you define it), the ability to gather together – acknowledging it and giving thanks provides us with perspective to refocus on those things that give life meaning and purpose.

The Partake Team took a moment to reflect on and share what we are most thankful for this season—your support is up there on the list! We hope you’ll do the same, fam! 

I am so grateful for my health and the health of my family, but also that I get the privilege to lead an amazing company and that I will be able to spend time with my family and friends over the holiday season. - Denise

After 13 years of living >3,000 miles from my parents I am so grateful that I am now a 4 minute drive from them. I get so much joy out of seeing them running after their grandkids and spoiling them with too much ice cream. - Marlo

This was always my favorite season growing up in a big family - carving pumpkins, playing in the leaves, and our Grandma from NY visiting us for Thanksgiving week. This year I am so grateful that our three children will be traveling to the west coast to be with us for Thanksgiving - blessed! - Maureen

I am grateful for seeing the magic in the mundane, my faith and purpose, my family, our health, my deep connection with nature, and close friends. - Beth

I am most grateful for the opportunity and ability to show up: for my family and friends in a meaningful way, in my work with confidence, and for myself with grace. - Nancy

Celebrating the holidays with family and friends. These past several years have reiterated, for us, the importance of gathering, being present, and appreciating the simple joys of spending time together. - Laura

This season is extra special for us as we will soon welcome our first baby. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow our family and to increase the love we can share with the world. - Becca

I am most grateful for being able to spend time with my family. It’s something that I don’t take for granted. - Ijeoma

I am grateful to have such close relationships with my nieces, even as they get older. Every holiday season just gets better and better with us constantly finding new ways to love on and treat each other. After suffering heavy family losses, these bonds aren't ones I take for granted. - Briea

This season I am grateful for welcoming our newest family member, my niece, and celebrating her first Holiday season. - Devon

I am always so grateful for my family, and now that I live far away from them again, I really cherish our time spent together during the holidays. - Amanda

I am most grateful for faith, family and the health of my loved ones.  I am surrounded by phenomenal people both personally and professionally and I have the opportunity to learn and grow from interactions with them daily.  Living in a free country, we sometimes forget how fortunate we are to experience the extraordinary every single day. - Kelli

I love the fall, and I’m grateful for so much that accompanies the season: colder weather, Halloween candy, Thanksgiving food, and football! But there’s nothing I’m more thankful for than my wife and daughters. They give me a reason to laugh every day! - Nick

I am most grateful for my community! I love that I can take on each day knowing I have a crowd of people behind me–supporting me and rooting for me and always looking out for me! Plus they’re all very talented, funny, and loving people that I’m thankful to know! - Melissa

I am most grateful for my dog Theo and boyfriend Hunter. I am also grateful for having time to spend with my family this holiday season. - Shannon

I am so thankful for the changes the past year has brought to me and my family. Our son is back on US soil after serving overseas for three years. Our grandson is growing and learning and changing every day. We will all be together for the Christmas holiday this year for the first time in what seems forever. - Christa

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