Introducing Soft-Baked

Introducing Soft-Baked

Since I started Partake, I’m always thinking about how we can bring you safe, high-quality snacks with options that meet an array of taste buds. This has led to new flavors, new ingredients, and now, we have a whole new cookie line to share with you. 

There was one question I’ve heard at every single in-store demo we’ve done: “When is a soft-baked cookie coming?”

We are so excited to announce that they’re here. And they’re delicious.

We’ve brainstormed, tested, and tinkered on repeat so that we could bring you vegan, gluten-free and allergy-friendly cookies that are equally as yummy as our crunchy cookies, but also chewy and soft-baked.

Finally, we landed on three flavors we think you’ll love. And just like our crunchy cookies, each ingredient is something you can confidently share with your friends and family. You’ll find organic, gluten-free flours and minimal sugar. As always, all of our cookies are vegan and baked in a facility free from the top 8 allergens. They are also free from GMOs, gums and emulsifiers, so you can treat yourself or your loved ones without having to worry about what’s inside.

Without further ado, let me introduce our new, delectable, soft-baked cookies!

Chocolate Chip

Offering a soft-baked version of our signature chocolate chip cookie was a must. You can enjoy these and feel good about it knowing there’s only 2.5 grams of sugar in every cookie. I knew we had to have this classic in our lineup, and we're so excited to share our take of this chewy, chocolatey treat made with better-for-you ingredients.

Cookie Butter

Sweet, spiced, and everything nice, these cookies have all of the flavor cookie butter fans crave without any of top 8 allergens. I am a huge cookie butter fan and love the flavor of Lotus Biscoff cookies and Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. However, when looking for allergy-friendly alternatives, I’ve never had luck finding something that Vivi could enjoy. Now, we have an option that not only tastes good, but is safe to eat.

Triple Chocolate

Love our Double Chocolate cookies? Then you’ll definitely want to try our Triple Chocolate cookies! I love a chocolate chip cookie with M&Ms, but I’ve struggled to find a similar, allergy-friendly option. As we experimented with a recipe to achieve this, we added a chocolate base and everyone agreed that this was the winner. Indulge yourself, or treat your little one with these fudgy cookies filled with chocolate chips and chocolate-covered candies with peace of mind.

Not sure which flavor you want to try first? Our Soft Baked Variety Pack has a box of each flavor for you to enjoy. If you love our crunchy cookies but want to try out the new lineup as well, stock up the pantry with our All the Cookies! Family Pack which features all of Partake’s eight flavors. 

We’re never standing still here at Partake, and we’ll continue to introduce new items to expand your family’s options of delicious snacks that are both safe and delicious.  When you give them a try, let me know what you think! Drop us a note on Facebook or tag us on Instagram @partakefoods.

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