More Time at Home: Stress Tips + Recipes

Stress Tips and Recipes

Dear Partake Fam,

Wow, what a time we are in. It’s hard to articulate and process as a mother, daughter, wife, friend and small business owner all the feelings. As a food allergy mom, I’m definitely used to wiping down everything, washing hands like crazy, and always being diligent and ready to jump into action, but this moment feels different.  

My family has been physically distancing for several days (a whole experience in itself!), and we’ve been doing our best to stay socially in touch with friends and loved ones digitally. Though the juggle to find ways to keep Vivi entertained while her school is closed and stay on top of the never-ending work of entrepreneurship is a challenge, I’m grateful that I can work with her by my side. I know not everyone has this choice, and with schools closing across the country, this is creating very difficult situations for many families. 

It’s easy to be overwhelmed when grocery stores are being rushed, events are canceled, and we’re encouraged to stay in our homes. At times like these, it helps to practice stress management tactics for when we’re faced with what we cannot control. Here are a few things I will be doing:

  1. Focusing on what I can control, and taking it one step at a time. 
  2. Using the 54321 method that grounds me in the present moment – particularly at stressful times. 
  3. Giving myself a break. 

Here are some recipes from Partake blog for the days ahead while you're spending more time at home. I hope they help you keep busy and bring you joy. For me right now, it’s about the health of our community as a whole and finding joy in the little things.

Lastly, please know that this is hardest for those who are food insecure and/or depend on public schools for childcare and their children’s meals. That’s why we’ve sent Partake cookies to the Food Bank of NYC—the team there is working tirelessly to feed those closest to our home. For those who can at this time, I encourage you to support your local food bank in whatever capacity you can. On the Feeding America website, you can search for a food bank closest to you.

Wishing you and your family health and safety during this time,