#FoodfortheSoul Celebrates Black Joy

#FoodfortheSoul Celebrates Black Joy

Black history is an integral part of Partake’s story, and we recognize the importance of celebrating our culture every day. As we continue to celebrate Black History Month this February, we asked eight members of the Black community to share what sparks Black joy in their lives. The answers are inspiring. 

Partake founder and CEO, Denise Woodard, reflected on Black joy and says that Black joy is, "resilience and celebrating the simple, most important things—health, family, and helping others. The Black community has faced obstacle after obstacle, yet we still find a way to persevere and find joy." 

We hope you'll read these authentic, honest words on Black joy and reflect on your life and what Black joy means to you. Share with us by tagging #FoodfortheSoul on Instagram. We'll be sharing your joy all month long.

What does Black joy mean to you?

Gabrielle Reyes: Black joy means that we have not only survived but that we have thrived. From the moment the first humans sparked imagination, intrigue, and passion, that was Black joy! Black joy comes from a long lineage of souls that kept saying yes to whatever came their way and because they thrived they made us the beings we are today.

Mercedes (Dee) Davis: Black joy means being free to be who I am, as creative as I want to be. Celebrating being a Black woman, who loves to cook, create & feed those I love.

Brooklynne Palmer: Black joy means resilience, pride, and gratitude. It means owning our dynamic nature and finding the beauty in our experiences. It also means accepting that joy can coexist with recognizing privileges we may not have.

Ray Phillips: Black joy to me is seeing the confidence in our children. The successes as a result of their hard work. The belief that they could accomplish it, set out on a path to do it, and reach those goals.

My Black joy is ______?

Brittany Giles: Limitless.

Emily Brown: Love.

Danaé, Danya, and Danielle: Celebration.

Jasmine Blocker: Tenacious.


And don't forget to join us in celebration of Black joy with soulful sounds that will inspire you, lift your spirits, and feed your soul. This Spotify playlist was curated by Denise Woodard, Founder and CEO of Partake Foods.

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