Partake Celebrates Black History Month

Partake Celebrates Black History Month

Today officially kicks off Black History Month, and we're excited to celebrate not just this day or this month, but always. Black history is a fundamental part of Partake's mission and story. Partake was founded by a Black woman, Denise Woodard, who is passionate about raising awareness of Black and female entrepreneurship. For the next 28 days (and beyond), we'll be celebrating #FoodForTheSoul, where we'll highlight Black joy, happy moments, and legacy by spotlighting Black entrepreneurs, brands, and creatives who uplift, inspire, and shape our culture.  

Read on to find out more about how we're celebrating Black History Month HERE and read on to find out how you can take part. 


This month, we're celebrating eight Black creators in our allergy-friendly, plant-based, and wellness community to lift Black voices. They will share what brings them joy, from their happy moments to everyday lives, challenges, and what sparks joy for them. Learn more about the eight creators by clicking on the links below. 

  • Danaé, Danya, and Danielle - Three sisters (16, 11, and 7) who are on a mission to share with others simple fun ways to stay fit, eat healthy, be kind to the animals and to let the world know that growing up vegan rocks!
  • Brittany Giles - Brittany is the editor in chief at where she looks at “fitness” from a mental and spiritual lens
  • Jasmine Blocker - Jasmine is a professional track and field athlete for Team USA who believes health of mind, body and soul is what matters most 
  • Brooklynne Palmer - Brooklynne is a vegan medical student and content creator who aims to share her love of combining inclusive nutrition and medicine with others
  • Ray Phillips - Ray is a husband, father of three, advocate for kids, and entrepreneur and founder of Soapsox, the next generation of washcloths for kids
  • Gabrielle Reyes - Gabrielle is an award-winning singer, actress, chef, cookbook author, and TV host who loves to share plant-based, gluten-free, and flavor-full recipes and tips
  • Emily Brown - Emily is the Founder and CEO of Food Equality Initiative, a nonprofit with a mission to improve health and end hunger in individuals who must eliminate common foods to maintain their health and wellness
  • Mercedes (Dee) Davis - Mercedes is a mom, entrepreneur, small business owner, chef, and creator of Black Girls In Trader Joe's
  • Denise Woodard - Denise is the founder and CEO of Partake, who is using the success and platform of Partake to advance underrepresented and overlooked communities, businesses, and groups of people

BHM Shopping Guide

This month, we're taking the time to focus on the Black-owned businesses who uplift, inspire, and shape our culture through their products. 

We're passionate about raising awareness of Black entrepreneurship and feel it's important to support our peers who create brands and ventures because we know first-hand how difficult it can be for a person of color to start a new business. 

Find our Black History Month Shopping Guide HERE.  

Soulful Sounds: Black Joy

Join the Partake Fam in a celebration of Black joy with soulful sounds that will inspire you, lift your spirits, and feed your soul. This playlist was curated by Denise Woodard, Founder & CEO of Partake Foods and features music from some of her favorite Black artists. Each week, Denise will be sharing a bit about what these songs mean to her and why she chose them.

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